Curated Life

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Curated Life


Le Grand, Makati City

I was initially excited to do my own unit because I thought it would be a test lab of ideas—a place where I could try different looks and experiment with different colors, textures and objects. But it wasn’t to be.

When I moved in, I realized that I had to go through and re-order my priorities. I wanted my apartment to be my home, my sanctuary that would feed my creativity but not morph into a workplace. I had to be clear about that.

When I work with my clients, my role is to visualize and articulate their own dreams. Their spaces are a reflection of who they are and what they how they see themselves. I always say that my clients’ homes are their own stories; I’m only there to help them tell those stories.

I created the rooms one by one as I defined what I needed. They are in the style that I like for myself, which is what I describe as modern global Filipino. It is simple, quiet, and easy to keep, which suits my personality and lifestyle.

When I look back at old pictures of my apartment, I realize that I still own the same key pieces that I have. That makes me smile because it means that I have achieved a classic style for myself.


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