et Nata

The clinking sound of jars and jars of nata de coco or coconut gel made by Ito Kish’s grandmother once signified the start of their summer. This refreshing nata de coco concoction mixed with buko and milk, is inspired by just that— the nostalgic provincial life and the feeling of home.

Php 195.00
  Php 275.00


Remember the time when we’d line up as kids at our local bakeries for our favorite simple yet filling breads? We’re placing these forgotten flour wonders back on the pedestal with our selection of Pan de Coco and Kabayan that we’ve created with small, long-standing bakeries of yesteryears.

Php 60.00

Oh Leche Flan

From your childhood memories of provincial life, this smooth and creamy traditional Filipino dessert is based on Europe’s Crème Caramel. We offer it garnished with coral tuile, walnuts, mint, yema, and whipped cream.

Php 165.00

Unexpected Turon

Yes, the turon you love is the usual banana with a nangka. But our four-piece turon serving is given a new twist from our ASEAN neighbor as we highlight Thailand’s favorite dessert, Khao Neow Mamuang, served with ice cream, walnuts, and yema to your heart’s delight.

Php 190.00