Calamansi Iced Tea

The tea is served. This drink is not your usual iced tea, it’s experience!

Php 160.00

Nanay Sisang

Ito’s grandmother, Sisang, used to make jars and jars of nata de coco for the family’s summer refresher. This eponymous creamy treat is a tribute to those (hot) days gone by.

Php 180.00

Tamarind Juice

Sweetened tamarind pulp that is good for one serving.

Php 170.00


Yes, there’s now salabat in Salcedo. Served hot, take
a sip of this traditional ginger tea steeped fresh daily.

Php 120.00

Coke Regular or Zero

No restaurant shouldn’t serve soda. Not one.

Php 75.00


If you order this, you’re Evian spelled backwards. Kidding.

Php 150.00

Summit Water

Honestly just get our filtered house water (wink).

Php 75.00