Brew From the Neighborhood (Hot/Iced)

Hot or iced pour over coffee using beans from Ito Kish’s travels. Ask our barista for this season’s selections.

Php 190.00


Espresso, milk, coconut cream, condensed milk
A sweet melange of coffee and coconut, the San Pablo is an ode to Ito Kish’s hometown known for its tree of life produce.

Php 190.00

Pandin (Iced)

Espresso, coconut milk, nata de coco, ice
Named after the coconut tree-lined Pandin lake of San Pablo, Laguna, this original drink melds the sweetness of coconut milk and nata de coco with the robust kick of local espresso.

Php 190.00

Mojicap (Iced)

Espresso, tonic water, honey, lime, ice
Like a refreshing dip in Mojicap (not mojito)—one of San Pablo, Laguna’s seven lakes, this drink is your new must-sip during the most humid of days.

Php 180.00


Espresso, water

Php 120.00

Cappuccino (Hot/Iced)

Espresso, foamed milk

Php 150.00

Americano (Hot/Iced)

Espresso, water

Php 130.00

Flat White (Hot/Iced)

Espresso, less milk

Php 160.00

Mocha (Hot/Iced)

Espresso, chocolate, milk

Php 160.00

Caramel Latté (Hot/Iced)

Espresso, caramel, milk

Php 165.00